Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire CCGs: Statement on merger proposal

Date: 15 Sep 2017

Category: About the CCG

The CCG’s GP members have voted overwhelmingly to support a proposal to merge the three CCGs from April next year, creating a single commissioning organisation for the whole of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

The application to merge will now be considered by NHS England and we expect to know if we have approval to proceed with the merger later next month.

Merger is a logical and natural next step for our CCGs and we are pleased to have this strong mandate from our membership. We believe that merger will help to create a stronger, single commissioning organisation better able to drive vital transformational change and improve health and care outcomes for all local patients.

The new organisation will be built on the foundations of a strengthened locality structure that will ensure we remain responsive to the varied health needs of our local populations. Primary care will continue to sit at the heart of the new organisation and our decisions will continue to be guided by local GPs, acting as advocates for and representatives of local patients.

We have proactively engaged local stakeholders in our proposal and feedback will continue to be collected during the application phase and used to inform our implementation plans.