Successful Healthy Weston Event held on 18 October 2017

Date: 23 Oct 2017

Category: Updates

On 18 October 2017, providers of health and care services, including hospital services, primary care, mental health, social care and voluntary services, as well as staff and representatives from patient groups, took part in a workshop for the first time to discuss the ‘Healthy Weston’ vision.

The meeting was an opportunity for partners to come together and give us their views on our proposed way forward for placing greater emphasis on organising and delivering services that will help to keep people healthy and out of hospital, and when they do need care, providing a more seamless experience across the range of health and care services, with a focus on being treated in the community and closer to home.

The meeting generated a great deal of interest and high levels of engagement with the following clear outputs:

  • There is broad support for delivering the proposals set out in the vision if we are to improve the health and care of the local population in a way that is affordable and will last into the future.
  • There was also broad support for the priority groups we have identified as the focus of this work; frail and older people; children, young people and pregnant women (including those people with complex needs and young people’s mental health); and vulnerable groups e.g. people with mental health needs, learning difficulties and those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.
  • There is a commitment to work together across services and organisations to make the necessary changes that will allow health and care services to be delivered in a way that best meet the needs of the patient.

We are now working to set out in greater detail how we think the vision can best be delivered and will be listening to and gathering views from staff, stakeholders, carers, patients and the public on this over the coming weeks.

We are also developing a process by which patients and people who use services can work together with local doctors and nurses to design how services could be delivered more effectively. For example, someone living with diabetes working with local clinicians to look at how their care could be better provided and managed in a more joined up way.

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The changes needed in order to deliver Healthy Weston :

  • Enabling GP practices to work more closely together and with other health, community and care services to enable them to offer patients access to a greater range of services.
  • Developing a role for Weston General Hospital at the centre of a ‘Care Campus’, where integrated primary, community and acute hospital services will be provided in one place with greater involvement by GPs and their primary care teams.
  • Securing a sustainable future for Weston General Hospital by looking at the services Weston in best placed to provide and which services may be more effectively provided by one of the other hospitals in the area.